The Future of Cloud Computing -> 1:1 - Container:API

Nano Lambda is Lambda-as-a-Service. Nano allows you to rapidly publish micro-services which automatically scale API traffic fluctuates. Nano handles all the work to containerize, secure, network, and publish your micro-service. Zero administrative effort; no servers to manage. Just upload your micro-service code and the rest is handled by our framework. Nano Lambda is a fantastic enterprise grade product. Give it a try!

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IOT Building Blocks

ebees IOT Suite is all the software building blocks your company needs to create a intelligent IOT platform. Built from the ground up with Security, Reliability, and Scalability in mind. The ebees IOT suite includes, automated security & encryption, automated networking, network awareness, and secure one way device communication. The data ingestion engine allows you to add event triggers to automate a work-flow or micro-service. For example link your IOT data with external data to machine learning models to generate intelligent automated actions.

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